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Categories: Birthdays, Canoeing, Canyoning, Mondego Descent, Bachelor Farewells, Team Building

Taking into account the logistical and material difficulties that schools often face in responding to Physical Education Programmes, particularly in professional courses, we hereby present some attractive solutions with truly special prices to finish the module Nature Exploration Activities with possibility of payment supported by the resources of each professional course, namely by POPH; to know:

Canoeing – Descent Mondego (minimum 10pax)

Table rate: 16.00/pax + VAT (23%)

Special rate for schools/professional courses: 14.00€/pax + VAT (23%)


  • Personal Accident Insurance according to the Legislation, activity, monitors in the water;
  • Support jeep on land to store and transport participants' valuables, clothing and food;
  • Comfortable, easily steerable and unsinkable “sit on top” canoes;
  • Offer to accompanying teachers
  • Final lunch area with tables, chairs, bathroom, shade, grills.

Does not include:

  • Transport, food, other activities (eg. Slide 120mts or Rappel with an additional cost of 2 euros/participant)


Canyoning baptism (minimum 10pax)

Descent from the bed of 1 river/stream with walking, abseiling, slide, jumping into the water, swimming in natural pools. Fabulous landscapes!

Note: Must know how to swim.

Table rate: 40.00/pax + VAT (23%)

Special rate for schools/professional courses: 20.00€/pax + VAT (23%)


  • Insurance, activity, permanent monitoring and accompaniment, Thermal Suit, helmet, Harness, carabiners and descender for each participant. Vest for those who can't swim.

Does not include:

  • Transport; food; other activities


Multi-activities (minimum 16pax) – Penacova; Serpins; Lousã; other locations

Rock climbingArchery and Blowgun, Rappel, Canoeing, Slide.

Table rate: 45.00/pax + VAT (23%)

Special rate for schools/professional courses: 20€/pax + VAT (23%)


  • Personal Accident Insurance according to the Legislation, monitoring.
  • Activities described in the program.
  • Offer to accompanying teachers.

Does not include:

  • Transportation, food, other activities


Notes: Possibility of creating other customized programs; The rates shown are valid for the year 2020 only.

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